With Crimped Edge

The radio is on during my night. Now and then I wake up and listen. Then I go back to sleep. This night – welcoming a Sunday – I woke up to sacred hymns. I don’t like ”the sacred” but sometimes I like ”the hymns”. Hymns often give me nice childhood memories. My dear Aunt was a wonderful singer and a strong believer. I’m not!

I listened to the beautiful song ”Strålande stjärna” (also called Gläns över sjö och strand, Bethlehem star) In the program I see they played the song in 3 different versions.

I woke up to the last …

strålande stjärna
som en bankad mässingsskiva
med krusad kant

… probably it was disturbing me. And that poem popped up in my head.

glorious star
as a beaten slab of brass
with crimped edge

Couldn’t go to sleep for a long time after …

Traditional … and … the other (on Spotify).

And now I wonder …

… if some part of my brain is allert and awake … when I’m asleep?

Ps. Listening again when I’m awake_awake I find it not so bad but isn’t it too languishing slow!?

A kind of infinite music and questioning … like dancing around ”the point is”…

Blue Love in Hearts

4 kommentarer

  1. This is beautiful write Birgitta. I must say that if you sleep with the radio on, or whatever you listen too during sleep that it does enter your subconscious because you are very open like a sponge at the time of sleep….though you don’t like sacred….it likes you…..hehehehe.


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