Not to Be

You should do what you want with your time! To you – yourself – being in time – isn’t an issue. But …

just in time
how lucky for us  – not to be
out of time

… agreed appointments or deadlines – with other people – it’s all about mutual respect – respect to the other persons time.

In Sweden we have something called ”Academic quarter (15 minites)” and it means that meetings starts 15 minutes after the official starting time. I don’t like that 😉

And … at last … how do you cooperate with the clock of the day? Are you a morning-one or a night-one? I am definitely a night-one …

dear flow
I’m so thankful you chose me
to inherit all time

…. and I like it a lot! The night is mine.

Moments when time doesn’t exist – moments having the ”flow”.
Best moments – all times!

… could be with pens, crayons, brushes, camera …. or just to be …

Crazy Art - The Creative Way

Carpe Diem: #1124 time.

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