#byblogfia - Stage Curtain

Just a Rainy Day

It has been a rainy day. Kind of “moody cello day”. I like that too. Keeping me cosy indoors. Ensure happenings of exciting things. I’m rather good at that. Actually. There are always new things to learn – languages – technique – universe – thinking higher – yes even higher than usually. And of course I have empty white papers wanting to be filled with colors and crazy motives. So new apps, ted talks on Netflix ….. and a lot of creativity in Crazy Art Studio Budapest.

spicy talks
happenings in worldwide cyber
tagged peppar mint

… and I want that book – I mentioned before –  to breathe poetry …

ears leave
when music are played by fairies
catching up
as all senses float away
hypnotized by enchantments

… that special one … you know …
… and music …
… for rainy days.

Stage Curtain from Liszt Academy – edited #byblogfia (me in my Internet project).

Carpe Diem: #1107.
Symphony No. 1 by Giovanni Sgambati.

Very pleasant music for this kind of day and mood ….



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