Bonsai Tree

Linden Honey

Finnish artists are special in a way which definitely isn’t the common. I like the Finnish extraordinary style.  Kaija Saariaho makes music which inspires reflections about earth, living and origin, I think. For me this music goes very well with me when I am in my creative mood.

hide ‘n seek
you have to catch me
linden honey

Carpe Diem: #1095.
Six Japanese Gardens by Kaija Saariaho.

It has been a very interesting journey with all these talented women composers. Some of their music I have liked more and some less. This one was sure special and I liked it 🙂
THANKS Kristjaan!!!

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  1. As said, this is bringing out your best. It is interesting what you say here. I struggled with this music but I can see how it has the Finnish cultural base yo it – in innovative ways. Of course this modern music is part of a genre, but I can see she stamped her invidual style on it. Your haiku did the same. I like this uncommon style and cultural teference in it very much. No tricks, given straight.

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    1. Thanks dear Forest Bather I am so glad for your feedback and that you experience I’m doing better cause I feel that too very strongly. You are inspiring me a lot and I like being more free. In the beginning – writing haiku – I was very strict about 5-7-5.


  2. Finally you start to let go the strict form of 5-7-5 Birgitta … this makes your haiku more strong and more beautiful. This haiku is a great example as how Jane Reichhold saw the haiku in English or in another language than Japanese. She wasn’t into the 5-7-5 form also as I am also not very good with. I try to create my haiku (and tanka) straight from my heart and that leaves me sometimes with just a few words or more than 17 syllables.
    This haiku is in balance and in tune with the beautiful music of Kaija Saariaho. Really awesome response. I am glad you liked this music by the way. I myself had at first listening the idea that I couldn’t handle this modern classical music, but after listening to it several times I started to like this music.

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    1. Thanks Kristjaan for kind words and for this considerate and important feedback to me. I will try my best to go on improving my haiku writing and also tanka and haibun 🙂 All the best to you!
      Ps. Music takes us to many discovery roads – ”Thank you for the music” as ABBA says – what would we do without it!

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