Blue Photo - Mulled Wine at Christmas Market Budapest

Crazy Thoughts

When I was out walking with my Canon and bracelet Fitbit I suddenly got a lot of funny thoughts in my head. I often do actually – poems are popping upp and I am amused by them. Today they were of a mischievous kind. But not the first.

people in streets
young and old open their faces
when I smile

Mostly I am smiling when walking about – if not in a deep consideration. Then I can look angry I understand. Well today was a day for giggling and smiling.

I want
to get drunk with you
how funny

Thinking of a nice full bodied red wine but I don’t know what you want. Maybe whiskey? Well that’s OK. And I haven’t had a glass of wine since my sister left a week ago.
I also must confess I don’t usually get drunk. Last and only time was …. let me think …. wow … it was exactly 50 years ago! It was Lucia day and I was supposed to be Lucia. Ha ha I remember very clearly.

and then
I want to lay down by
your side
feeling the essence of your soul
open up a glimpse of mine

That sounds good dosen’t it. perhaps it’s coming more ….
Now some music … ”lay down by my side” … is popping up in my head … isn’t that Kris Kristofferson? One of my favorit songs.


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