Make a Wish – Hang it in Tree

On the City Center square – called ”Stortorget” – an igloo was placed. With pink inviting light.Pink iPhoto - Igloo, Lund Sweden

The purpose was …

a piece of paper
to place some wishes – odd
dangling in trees

… let people write a wish on a paper and then hang it on a tree inside. Well what to say about this!

Pink iPhoto - Make a Wish in Igloo, Lund Sweden

Make a Wish – Hang it in Tree – Then WHAT!?

If it had been something for children I could think about it as creative. Now I only find it ridiculous and nothing the community should take time for or spend money on. Better to make the transport service to work for our old ones – thinking about yesterday.

Blue Photo - Igloo, Lund Sweden

Daily Prompt: Invitation.


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