In Contact

I love a blue sky and I love the sun. But not to sun bathe. On a beach. Not at all any more! I like to bathe in salt sea and I like to walk along the shore. And everywhere else. To explore the macro and micro world.

sunny sky
most tender balm for bodies
yours close to mine
both dressed in nature
the cosy bay style

In first read my tanka perhaps doesn’t give the impression of having with growth to do. But it is meant to. It’s harder – with lots of struggle – to grow by oneself – it’s possible of course. But so much easier to grow together with others …. I think.

in contact
like seed and raindrops
we grow deeper

Finally ….

…. I hope for a blue sky tomorrow.

Street Photo - Sunbathing

Carpe Diem: #1121 Growth.


6 kommentarer

  1. Beautifully done. Swimming and ‘being’ – nude on the naturist places on the Croatian coastline would be wonderful with you, chatting and composing. The coast itself is very nice, not just boring beaches. The growing concept you mentioned…so true I think.


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