Yuxta Lives

This time here I haven’t given myself treatments I use to. Visiting the hairdresser, having manicure and pedicure, nice outdoor bath …. but today … soon before returning … I had pedicure. How nice to spoil myself and so good for my hard working feet. Soon I will leave all wonderful happenings behind … leave home here …

I’m happy
living in your longing thoughts
until next time
we will meet – soon enough
and share our yuxta lives

… to check out what’s going on at home there …
… to soon leave – home there – again behind …
… my yuxta lives …

Today I totally forgot to visit the Geisha exhibition – a ‘must’ to remember tomorrow!

Lund University, Sweden

Carpe Diem: #1122 leaving all behind.


  1. Lovely! I will have a pedicure (a rare treat) this week before we leave on our winter vacation…but I’m curious, what is “yuxta”!?


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