In the Stream – A Dedication

Sometimes I look up the words. To see what different meanings it can have. When I read about ”specific” …. well …

particular, specified, fixed, set, determined, distinct, definite, single, individual, ….

determined, specific, definite, particular, fixed, given

Individual, private, unadopted, separate, specific, personal

… it could be me ….
… some of the characters just on the point … ha ha …
… some lacking too …

Then I saw what Eddaz had written .. specifics about the man with M (= the man with a uppercase M = a very special one, it’s an expression in Sweden)… to spend the life together with …

Then I turned the perspective – in my mind – and thought …

-What would and should a man appreciate about me – the man with uppercase M!?

Like the pope said when he visited Sweden last summer – he had heard about the strong Swedish women and that Swedish men – therefor – look for women abroad … ha ha … they have problem with the strong ones …

So it has to be a man who is …  really … interesting, broadminded, humble and strong, caring and loving, creative ….. like me … ha ha …

I thought I hade such a man … but after 45 years it turned out … thinking about the pope now … I was mistaken …

As I said before – I love interesting people! Creative people!

in the stream
like two flakes of ice
over each other and for a moment
melting together

A dedication to extra ordinary men – those I have met and these I will meet …

The Danube in ice - Budapest


4 kommentarer

  1. Great write for the prompt. So much changes in our lives and those we wed when younger don’t always become as wise as us as we grow older together…..haha….oh well, hope you meet your secret one with all that you want him to be…now that can be a problem in itself…hehehehe.

    Gillad av 1 person


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