Feelers needed – for two

I also believe in miracles! Miracles in the tiniest. Miracles in the mighty great universe. Miracles in minds.

feelers needed
walking in life of miracles
for two
with a watcher in the middle
enjoying the path way

It’s not enough to look closer! You have to look even closer! If you don’t want to miss the tiniest. Watch out …. Click on the pictures!

MACRO - Pentatomidae Bärfis

Did you see him in the above photo?
This is the miracle about macro shooting. Always surprises back home looking at the day’s result.
I find the ones I first didn’t see … miracle every time … and so fascinating ❤

MACRO - Pentatomidae Bärfis
Nobody else but me saw this exciting happenings in Budapest city center by the Danube  close to Chain Bridge. I showed a girl but I think she got scared by the bugs.
People were occupied  with selfies – with Buda Castle or the bridge in the background.

Carpe Diem: #1119 Miracles.



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