Today I am so inspired by the Pilgrimage. It’s about an incredibly important topic! We have to watch out when on Internet. We don’t know who is in the other end. Is it really that nice and charming person or is it a devil? And I am the kind that wants to be openminded and welcoming. But …

high in the sky
against the blueish of blue
the white of an eagle         © Chèvrefeuille

© Chèvrefeuille – Right on the point!

I will use a haiku I wrote some days ago because it fits well here too:

you know
hawks are hunting – but only
in the sky

…. at the same time my integrity is very important and I am not stupid. I can take a fight and I do about catfishing (my webpage with useful links) and on Facebook. One of the latest has got himself a lot of female friends in a short time.

Sometimes I get tired of myself – about such kind of fighting – …

-Why bother! I say to myself. I have bothered all my life. It’s enough!

-It’s time for ”after work” now, I keep saying to myself. But I don’t seem to listen.

What to do with myself? 
Advice much appreciated ….

Blue doves

Carpe Diem: #1118 Recklessness.

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