I have a dream

Today I am tempted to write about something … kind of  … ”I have a dream”. A secret dream. Unreachable I’m afraid.

in room of sun rays
filled with easels and unlimited colors
I paint
my surreal world on canvas
and then kiss you welcome

So if I won a lot of money … if … if … if …

I would buy an apartment with a sea view. Not ground floor! It has to be with a great view and a large terrace. Blue sky most days and a weather that allows less clothes.

Watching the sunset we will drink wine and enjoy.
Every day …

I was told
by a picture to be
-grab the brush!
appetite for macro ‘n micro world
with mind conquered

I will paint, write and read …. and wait for you …

Crazy Art by me - Feelers for Nature

… every night …

Daily Prompt: Tempted.

5 kommentarer

  1. I like this post. I feel so many things when I see your painting. I’m not sure what you intended to convey. But my thoughts are clearly running wild.
    1. The lock says that the dream is a secret and unreachable.
    2. I wonder why the key is so huge. But a small butterfly is able to hold it-what does that signify?
    3. Is your dream unreachable to you or to the people around you?
    Just curious.

    Gillad av 1 person

  2. Curious and asking questions – I love! And I like a lot that you get wild thoughts 😉
    Had to take my bath before answering. I’m usually spontaneous and I cannot reveal too much here 😉 I often have faces, lockers, keys, tiny figures, open windows, eyes and mouth in my pictures. I think there always is a deep meaning … I’m fascinated by the tiny and the great (insect feet and universe) and openminded free thinker (window -here in the brain) ….
    1. locker is a symbol for the importance of my integrity and safety for my values (I think).
    2. such interesting question!!! Have to reflect on this one … I think it’s about ”what happens in connection with (a) you” …
    3. to me … but I am happy anyway 🙂 My roots are strong and well grounded.
    Thanks for your wild thoughts!!!!!



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