Crazy Art by me - Out on reconnaissance

Out on Reconnaissance

I turned in on Váci utca and the first thing I thought was:

-I would like to walk here just now with my mother.

… feeling how very much I really would like it … I’m sure she would too. Maybe she walked along my side. In another kind of world. Some kind of world where all the spirits exist. Spirits like ‘minds of senses’ or ‘senses of minds’ or perhaps ‘minds before – now after’ or ‘minds before and after’. I think I like the last one best.

In a way I think everything done and said – heard and experienced – always will be. And never will be gone. Never. Waves of voices will never die. They will be less obvious and harder and harder to catch. But never obliterated.

-How exciting it would be to catch what Jesus really said, I have said to myself.

I look upon Jesus as a good person with a great kind of life philosophy. Not at all any God’s son! I would like to know more about what Thomas wrote about Jesus. His real words so to say.

-Sometime science will be able to find out how to catch ancient sound waves, I’m sure.

Interesting people fascinate me a lot. And I mean a lot! I like deep thoughts about life, living and our place in universe.

Some days ago I heard that intelligent people don’t want a lot of friends. Studies had been made that said:
People with fewer friends are more intelligent than people with a lot of friends.
I have been thinking about this.
Is it really true?

-I must found out … off I go to surf the net and what do I find …?

The study Abstract – The Washington Post about ”Why smart people are better off with fewer friends” – about this – …


”Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” Albert Einstein

Power of Act by me.
Crazy Art by me - Power to Act


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