BW Necklace

Mother of All Pearls

Out in the crowd. Camera settings with blue filter. To light up my day. Thinking about killings and attacks. Sad but definitely not scarred or frightened. Thought that if I had that stupid, monstrous terrible brain … where would I place … I was sure of where. So I took the metro just to that place. It was the end station. Above is the Christmas Market. And I wasn’t the only one thinking … Three very well armed and equipped men stood steadily and watched us when we got out from the train. I asked very polite:

-May I shoot you?

So sorry I didn’t get that photo!
But I was lucky today. Bought myself a heart decorated ceramic cup for my green chai tea. I also found my dress. Now it needs a neckless. And I know what kind. A Native American style in black and a few silver pearls decorated with mother-of-pearl. Maybe I can make it myself.

nacre sunset
when shells are tumbling
in salted waves
showing up to each other
the most glory mother-of-pearl

I listen to the music and I can see the shells and the shiny ”mother of all pearls”.
Can you?

Carpe Diem: #1103.
Symphony in F sharp minor Op. 41 by Dora Pejacevic.

2 kommentarer

  1. Haha! Wanting a picture like that! Great poetry. Nice necklace..or the style sounds nice. I rushed mine and fell back to my geisha theme. Now I regret that, as I much prefer the haibun style like hours, and the forest of course, though that tango-like song was nice, and thanks for your lovely comment there..well, if you enjoy tango pressing your thigh would feel rather very nice…very.

    1. 😉 It would have taken too long to make a picture of the necklace I wanted so I – like you – fell back – and choose an old photo. Yes haibun is great – suits me perfect. I like to write in a kind of abrupt way. That tango …. 😉


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