Tanjan i Ungern

Some Wings

the temptation
at the chalk cliff top
I throw a rose

© Hamish Managua Gunn

Basho and I
share the same moon
and the same joy
of words about nature
I know – Basho taught me
© Hamish Managua Gunn
Oh my gosh! This will be too hard! I need that dragon fiery rod now indeed.
in dreams
stars are listening
you know
some wings
made a memorable
bringing me to the world of

Well – now you will think I’m even more crazy – cause I feel I have a certain connection to dragonflies. They like me to photo shoot them. They perform for me. They follow me. I talk to them. Last session was when I visited the Tanja in south east Hungary in August. They were so funny! We were in the wine yard as you can see on top.
Left me with hundreds of photos. This one presented me to his/her fellow later.

Click on the picture!

Dragonfly laughing at me

Carpe Diem: Tokubetsudesu #92.
Hamish Managua Gunn’s ”the temptation”.

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