Flute ‘n Sky Fiddle

When listening to this lovely music I feel I am in the highlands. Running happily up and down the hills. The weather is just awesome and the meadow full of small wild flowers in every thousands of colors. Stone walls meander cheerfully like in a round dance. And the birds are singing in the air …

flute ‘n sky fiddle
-I’m coming down the mountains
my little seed beak,
he sang and played intensely
bird maid listened by all heart

Carpe Diem: #1097.
Serenade in D major by Ethel Smyth.

The talented English composer and suffragette Ethel Smyth.

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  1. Well you managed to translate the music very well, with the same sense of innocence and eagerness Chèvrefeuille did in haiku, though this is fuller. I find similar in the music, though find it hard to say. It is deceptively simple!

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