Updating Myself

Sometimes I get bored of myself. Perhaps not exactly bored but … Anyway I like changes. I get tired of … Then I change.
When I was working I think I was the only one looking forward, with open mind and heart when something was going to change. Everyone else sighed deeply and got in bad moods. Not me!
I have as long as I know liked changes.

I just updated ‘me’ a little. It’s good to be able to do that from while to while. Putting myself in place so to say. And that’s not easy!

Actually it is the essence of my problem. I am all over! Too much ‘all over’ I think more and more. That’s why I get tired of myself.
-Why must I be that engaged!? …. read in politics …
-Why must I react, write and debate as soon as I find a trigging subject, fact och phenomenon in an article, in TV or in social media!?
-Can you stop it Birgitta?
-Do you really want to Birgitta?

-I don’t know! But sometimes I would like to creep into a corner where no links exist.

Just now I consider to brake the link between this blog and my Photo Facebook Page.

One thing I have been very good at is to reduce my webpages. Surprisingly good! I am really proud of myself. Now I am active in only a few of them. And I haven’t finished that work yet.

dear me
you are so linked awide
in life
like a tornado you sweep subjects
and then find peace in poetry

So …. I am working hard … and I like it … I think …

…. aiming harmony in life … while living …

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2 kommentarer

  1. Being all over the place isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It trumps over being stagnant, with no personal progress. Life becomes monotonous then. It’s all about finding the balance. 🙂

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