Wild – C’est la Vie

Today I have had a ‘free’ day. Nothing at all in my schedule. I love these days too. No problem to fill them. I take it slow and easy. Today I slept … well I wont tell you how long! Then I had my brunch with black coffee, seed crackers and goat cheese. Did some ‘musts’ and many more ‘lusts’.

At last I understood it was time for a hot bath. Sadly it wasn’t as hot as I wanted. Have to speak to the machine a bit more determined. Trying very hard to understand it after new circulation pump.

Put on an old list on Spotify. Didn’t get inspired – the three first tunes were oldies now boring – but then it happened …

tricky old
tapping on my heart – release
hips in rhythm

This old heart of mine with Rod Stewart version with Ronny Wood. Now I’m in right mood. Then Sonny & Cher perfect for the mermaid. Every inch of the body wants to have a work through. Especially in hot water. Soft light. Today with a cup of tea. And my music.

In Bathtub

My kind of work ut.

kissing ‘n hugging
all that a body wants
you must give

Ha ha … Chuck wants to cheer me up. He knows exactly how to do it!

swinging the best
all times – c’est la vie – now
being a teen again

I’m working and swaying – feeling my best – mind and body totally free. Lost and happy. Free and flying. My thoughts are my surfing boards.

finding that special
wave in mind to jump on board
riding the other waves

What can I say more … breathe … Every Breath you Take … breathe … surf and breathe …

in the right age
just in the right time
waiting – for you

I’m ready …

I grab the plug … and let the water out … and …

no – not now
the hand shower went wild
simply the best

Now I die … totally wild too … thinking about one of my favorit dancer – Clare Turton (short dark hair) – dancing in Tinas show. She is just …. I die again …  wildest ever … Live version … of course! (Clare Turton not in this version.)


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