Day: 2017-02-17

The Taste of Cherry - Kissing

Kiss of Cherry

how many, many things
they bring to mind — 
cherry blossoms!
© Basho (Tr. Robert Aitken)

 Such a beautiful post Chèvrefeuille made today about Cherry Trees and Blossoms in Japan!

cherry blossoms
looking so fragile in the moonlight –
ah! the spring breeze     ©Chèvrefeuille

It’s easy to feel romantic when being among the blooming cherry trees. And nostalgic. We had in our garden where I grew up. Two trees. The large one – with bigger and black sweet berries – I used to climb to the top, where the best berries could be found.
I think I like more to be romantic now …

by lovely kisses – into
cherry blossom
you took my hand first
and then my heart
 Now I long so much to spring. First I will enjoy spring in Budapest and then I will enjoy spring in Lund. And I know where to find all the cherry blossom rooms in my cities. I also look forward all the kisses …
Sky with cherry flowers

Carpe Diem #1157 Sakura,
the national pride of Japan.

Juicy & Full-Bodied

”Juicy” a funny word! A word to spice up … something. From just juicy … over full-bodied … to sexy. A juicy girl! Why not a juicy man!
Well perhaps that would transmit thoughts …

juicy and full-bodied
you and me

… oh thinking about that beach …

in my bathtub
thoughts of juicy – moments
my meditation

… you know … I love my hot water bath … so much … most often …
…together with my music …

my mango
sipping sun-filled body
juiciest ever

… my favorite … oh … juicy mellow-ripe mango … heaven of fruits …

Crazy Art by me - Juicy Gender Style.

Daily Prompt: Juicy.