Day: 2017-02-27

Live and Die

tonight my skin
will miss the hot spring
it seems colder

My skin too …miss that hot spring … I would like to sit there with the Master of masters. Talking about experiencing nature – its inner scent. Talking the poetry language.

like the steam
from inner body of earth – onsen
lifts my soul

This is not at all hard to imagine for me. This is something I love to take time for. Both in Hungarian ‘onsen’ and in my bathtub. Probably I will not vist Japan but I probably will visit Iceland where also ‘onsen’ can be find.

mighty nature
mountains and valleys – healthy
liquid for pleasure

In Hungary I have been to many termal bath from Hévíz in the south to Salt Hill in the north. I also have them close here in Budapest.

Salt Hill, Hungary
Salt Hill Eger, Hungary 2010.

dressed by onsen
I’m completely in your care
the touch of you

…. I’m now floating away … this must be heaven … this is how I want to die … dressed in onsen.
But in fact I want to end up in the sea. Hopefully my children will burn me up and then poor me out in a streaming river close to the sea. Then I want them to have a fun party – thinking about how much I enjoyed life.

How odd thinking about death when it’s all about pleasure with onsen. But for me death isn’t odd at all. Of course you must talk about it! It’s natural – or you have to make it natural. My children know – so no problem. I will die some day. No problem!

Until then I’m busy living … very busy! Tonight I’ve had an awesome evening. Premier contemporary dance event. Cannot be better!

Salt Hill, Hungary
Salt Hill, Eger, Hungary 2010.

Carpe Diem #1164 Onsen the hot springs of Japan.

A Greater Wide

inner closest
center of everything – needs
a greater wide

This one I really like. It is exactly how everything works. Everywhere. For the flower. For my body. For the nature. For our earth. Universe.

And mind!!!!
NO religion is needed! Only a good portion of reason and an interest for science.


Daily Prompt: Center.

WORDS all gone

every word
now used and done – leaving
blank pages

Hemska tanke! Horrifying thought!
Empty lexicons …
… and I start thinking about old people … or perhaps even young ones … when suffering aphasia … as comparison …

every word
once was alive – vividly

Words … all consumed …

Words All Consumed - Only Pencils left

WORDS all gone – Only PENCILS left.

Skrivpuff: Förbrukad/Consumed.