Day: 2017-02-08

A Good-Hearted Philosophy

I say: Beware!


About all kinds of some people’s doctrines! Religions.

You know there has been so any Gods along times. Gods made up by people. People in need to get themselves some explanations about world and life. Week people. Yes week because they didn’t had the ability to think on a higher level. And then they experienced they could get hold of the mass – just by that made up religion!

B E W A R E!

I myself find Richard Dawkins very interesting. Reason rules for him … and science. So it is for me. Take care of your open mind – reflect – be humble – and aware – beware – … don’t be ”taken over”!

“We are all atheists about most of the gods that humanity has ever believed in. Some of us just go one god further.”  ― Richard Dawkins


that meaning
about life and living – no God
needed – just a good-hearted philosophy

Heartly Flowers

Carpe Diem: #1148 Shinto.

The Top of Hearts

Yes I do! Honestly! And I will – I’m sure. Like to reach that amazing mountain top. Covered with your hesitance. That hesitance I don’t know why it exist. Have you been hurt? Are you shy? I don’t picture you as week. But what do I know! Nothing…

striving to reach
wanting so much – to get closer
your heart

… I just live out my feelings … my curiosity … about you …for now … that mountain top to climb …

… to reach your heart.

And kissing you … on the top of the world.

For ever!

Yes you! …. you know …

People in Budapest Celebrating New Year 2017.

Carpe Diem: #1149 Imagine Fuji Yama.