Day: 2017-02-15

Hot Bath and a Samurai

Imagine … a week with cold kitchen and cold bathroom … no warm water for a shower or bath … oh how I long for my hot bath!!!! That pump for circulation in the gas machine! I hate when things brake down! They had to order from Vienna or Germany.

But! Yes there is a but … my bedroom is warm and also my heart.

Tomorrow …. hopefully …crossing my fingers …  I can have my hot bath. I will spice up the moment with champagne and candles … then off to Bolero later in the evening. Longing so much!
I think most … after … the hot bath …

hot hot water
hugging every inch – of me
soul sailing

… now I thought of a samurai … do they know about massage … can they cut the water into swirling waves … are they good with their hands … are they only warriors or … maybe passionate lovers too … I wonder still …

Wielding the sword or the brushes – that´s the question 😉
I seem to have brushed me away into the bathtub …

Crazy Art by me - Hot Bath

Carpe Diem #1155 Sumi-e,
the Japanese Way of Painting (2).

Burned Dance

There was a party going on. I didn’t know at first. But suddenly I was aware of it and got invited. I couldn’t say NO. This was a special party. Looked so fun.

Dancing out there …

Crazy Art by me - There is a Party going on.

my pencils
not me – was asked to dance

While I was at the party I completely forgot I baked. So now I can say that my seed bread is very very well baked. I tried with som cheese to check if it was eatable. Perhaps tomorrow when the smell of burnt is gone.

Unlucky me – for once. But lucky anyhow.

Men visst passar den in på huslig – ungefär så jag är på det området. En Skrivpuff.