Day: 2017-02-22

People Passing

I turn my back
on Buddha and face
the cool moon

Interesting history about Shiki, I think, when reading. I get curious and search more haiku by him. I must say I find them a bit difficult to like and he will probably not be a favorite of mine. But the haiku I choose above – I think goes well with his history – being radical and not allowed to give public speech. I think he felt a cool and hostile society then.

saw the country
and returned—now deep at night
I lie in bed and
fields of mustard flowers
bloom before my eyes

I myself had a wonderful day today – meeting friendly people and feeling spring – also love – in the air. I walked along the Danube passed a young couple …

she giggled
swaying her head ‘n hair backwards – and
he kissed her

… I smiled and felt happy for them – went on my walk. After passing two bridges I sat down. Studied the Japanese – or Chinese – turists modeling with Chain Bridge and Buda castle in background. A young handsome man did beautiful moves – Qigong – while his girlfriend filmed him with iPhone. I enjoyed and felt such nice harmony.
I laid back and closed my eyes … poetry popped up …

I’m sitting
by the river Danube
feeling the wind
dancing in my face
and playing with my hair


whirls of water
coming from down under
to hit the water surface
just to play with
the sun rays


people passing by
know nothing, nothing at all – about
wind and water playing

… this very minute … a moment I liked so much. I got a crazy idea. Why not film and record! So I did. But when listening I thought … how sad and sleepy I sound … that’s not me. Think it was because I didn’t want anyone to hear what I was doing.

Would you like to listen to it? Perhaps I can get enough guts to publish 😉

If you want – I will publish here … it’s on the way to Youtube just now …. ready … scroll down … 😉

River Danube

So here it is … (I think I have to ask my granddaughter about advice for recording) …

Carpe Diem #1161 Matsuyama
City birth-place of Shiki.