Writing the Thinking

I just loved this episode Chèvrefeuille! And I also find Basho the master of masters when it comes to haiku. Oh what a wonderful place he came from. Would love to visit Mie Prefecture.

rocky beauty
in surrounding waves – connection
eternity to see/a

I could also write …

beauty rocks
the power of creation – nature
for hearts

Lack of nature …
That’s a real problem in our world! …. I think … young people more interesting in their smartphones … tapping tangents … playing video games … often about battles … but also building societies … in that technic world … totally lost from the real … such a loss …

What will happen with the field of relations … ability to make close human relationships … ”I wonder … wonder I do” ….

However I am sure the young people will get skills in special fields and that their brains find corners waiting to be developed … which are more or less sleeping in our brains …

I am just as sure about how happy I am for my connection to nature. Half of me grown up in a city – with my parents – the other half growing up in nature in the deepest forest – with my aunt and uncle. My uncle was my master …. life and living, creativity, imagination, intelligence, smart solutions, philosophy, attention about what’s got real value, …  I am so thankful!

walking life’s track
covered with spruce and pine – needles
in pace with ants


And from other point …

living life
in that square box – only
games flashing minds

Street Photography - iPhone Focus.

I am amazed about how short periods – here and there – during a lifetime can characterize and form ones personality. I know very well what has influenced me during life.

What has influenced Basho – delivered from him to us … to enjoy and find so inspiring … that’s … his … ”eternal life” … one influence to another  … isn’t it beautiful …
(… but I know it also has a dark side … that influences … making life so hard for some … not to forget … )

I love thinking and writing … or … for me … I think … writing the thinking … with a big smile …

BR - Glimten i ögat

 Carpe Diem #1162 Ueno Iga Province,
birthplace of Basho.

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    1. Thanks Virginia! My ‘weakness’ is my honesty. And my strength is my weakness. 😉 …. I think … want to think … 🙂


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