Day: 2017-02-24

While Facing

I turn my back
on Buddha and face
the cool moon

I think … you can turn your back … or face it … you can be in control … or be controlled … and of course you can be out of control too. But that’s not so interesting … not now and here … anyway.

while facing
the subject of interest – closer
linnea borealis bloom

Linnea Borealis – a small very beautiful flower named after Carl von Linné. Both of them from my home areas and the flower is the flower of my landscape – Småland. A forest landscape. In my aunt and uncle’s forest we could find the rare flower. But we didn’t pick it. My uncle always said: Flowers look much better where they grow! … meaning not in a vase on a table. Wonder if it’s why I seldom by flowers ….?

How free are you … honestly … ? Are you – yourself – setting limits … or somebody else? That’s something for everybody to find out, I think. How do you want to live your life?

Sometimes …. when I study young people and couples focused – or seem to be living – in their iPhones … I wonder … Do they get jealous? It’s so much about ‘the self’ and ‘self-doings’ … and commenting other ‘self-doings’  …

Does she get jealous? Does he get jealous? Are they giving each other freedom? Do they trust each other?

”I wonder …. wonder I do ….” … always thinking a lot about people and their behaviour.

brittle bridges
in the lush of greenery – listen
a raven warns

Tonight’s dance performance was … well the first part outstanding, unique and very creative. I was totally lost when the boxer entered the dark scene in his boxing shorts and a glittering cape over his shoulders. Headlights flashing in a slow mood. The boxer made moves like in slow motion. Showing the struggle in life. Wow this is so strong – wow. Fantastic choreography.

While the other parts … well I only wanted to leave and go home … perhaps I tell about it in another post.
… poor dancers … to be in an odd choreographers hand … and has to do what he’s got in his mind to be expressed … in this case it was a man … for sure!

Crazy Art by me - Face it!

Carpe Diem #1161 Matsuyama
City birth-place of Shiki.