I Promise

I also think everybody do some meditation from time to time. Some need to have guided meditation and some don’t. Some need structure and some don’t.
I think meditation is – I mean – meditation for me is to place myself on a kind of meta-spot above everything that is going on around. It’s like making yourself invisible. I’m fortunate – cause I can do it wherever I am – ‘disappear’ into my own world of thinking – meditating. Close my eyes …
And I like it.

I promise
when hands. heart and thoughts go
for peace in mind
you will like the colors
and no longer see the mist

I heard you talking. I heard about your dreams. I’m sad about the false. That is something that from now on – is ”was”. The most important is ”now” – from now on.
How would you like it to turn out?
Life is now – B i r g i t t a – you owe yourself to make it the best.

”cause – you’re worth it”      😉

Carpe Diem: #1131 meditation.

En kommentar

  1. Nice tanka. Yes, I can cut myself off from everything also. It’s a great feeling coming back to surroundings. Feeling completely refreshed. Have a nice week.

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