Your Ticket to

I love walking around and exploring. The conditions varies a lot from place to place. Of course. Roads inviting you for free are the best. Even in countries with restrictions you may find roads for your free walks. Because it has to be a connection between the road and you. You have to reach that special feeling to be able to learn from the road.
Finding that mood …

the two of you
will be engulfed by and live what’s
between every step

… that’s the way to learn – like feeling every curve in the thoroughly handmade wooden doors … and then open it. The kind of doors I have always imagined to have on my living room wall.

I am a bit weak about doors. Two pieced. With that special patina only life and sun can create. Three places in the world showed me the unique about doors. My grandmother’s, my aunt and uncle’s and the doors in the outskirts of Dubai. Where I used to walk with my youngest daughter. While the others were at school or at work. A very long time ago – early eighties. It was like walking the treasure of mud house road. All these sun dried worn in – absolutely not worn out – doors.
Instead of – on my living room wall – I keep them in my heart.

So why this talking about doors!??

an open door
the most essential to keep
in mind
your ticket! – traveling
the roads of wisdom

Symbolic for me.
Without an ”open door” you will not be able to learn from the road.


Carpe Diem: #1123 the road is our teacher.

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    1. Thanks! And thanks for being kind and remind me. Actually I today thought about writing a notice on my blog and ask visitors to tell me when words are wrong in the meaning. This one I know – probably the keys 😉

  1. Well……that was a superb piece…and your writing about doors really resonates. So symbolic about the doors of different family mmbers, and the doors on the outskirts of Dubai….and roads there, reminds me so much of Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia.


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