Police tank at Christmas Market Budapest

The Weakest Strength

First I must say – Kristjaan – Host of Carpe Diem – You are fantastic! This journey you bring us on is amazing. Music and poetry goes very well along and you put such an effort in this – I would never have known about so many talanted female composers if not for you. You are my HERO of December – Just saying!!!!!

Now – just at home after visiting an art auction and passing through the greatest Christmas Market in Budapest – …. oh so many new experiences … !!! – I sit down and turn on the music – and the first feeling I get is – this touches my soul!

And in the other end – of cyber – my granddaughter – she just sent a new song -she recorded- to me. She sings and play the guitar and the piano. So lovely!

My senses are overwhelmed – and I love it!

with music
comes the strongest weakness
a spider leg


with music
comes the weakest strength
a spider web

I like when contrasts meet. It’s challenging and exciting. And a great start for ….

 Carpe Diem: #1102
Symphony No. 4 Op. 50 by Johanna Senfter.

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  1. The police tank was placed here to protect people on the Christmas market. In case of …. these awful terrorists and their lorries … feeling very safe in Budapest. Citizens and turists are a priority here, I think. Passed it on my way home tonight.


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