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Catfishing on Internet

Well well well – There is fishing and there is fishing!

As having great interest in people and their behaviour I will choose to focus on ”catfishing” – fishing on Internet. It’s such a fraudulent activity.

Often young far eastern men targeting women. Often the lonely ones – the vulnerable. I sometimes get questions about friendship on Facebook. Very odd ones. Luckily I’m not vulnerable or weak, maybe lonely sometimes. When it happens I get militant and combative – I take a fight for a better world – even on Internet. I also have warned some women. And they were thankful.

Like when working against mobbing – I aim to show the bad behaviour – yes make it real – describe – show in pictures – a clear picture about the phenomenon.

So I made a webpage and I made a Facebook page. Sometimes it’s so stupid!

”Pierre Oblin” a general in US army – What general will make a Facebook page like this? And why contact me!? Isn’t it stupid! So insane! I would like very much to hang out the ”figure”  behind this.

Catfishing on Internet

Daily Prompt: Fishing.

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  1. My ex used to talk to someone on facebook who ended up being a catfisher, I knew it right off the bat that she wasn’t real. He didn’t and used to salivate over her and chat with her, as did many men. She was the source of many arguments, painful ones for me. Have I gloated since the truth came out? hmm possibly 🙂

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  2. Catfishing is one of the worst types of fishing one can do, right next to catfish fishing.



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