A New Dawn

A New Dawn

Peace – so far away! Painfully far away. What do we have UN for! A “toothless” institution. It’s easy to get depressed listening to the news – as I do a lot. I don’t think there will be peace on earth. Ever! A dark sad truth – but reality. And the war also started in cyber when hacking the heart of democracy during a democratic  country’s election. Perhaps it will enen worse than it is now. I’m just realistic and view our world with open eyes.
Now I will join in and wish for … peace … as strong as I ever manage.

lamb tried
to rescue sheep mother
from wolf’s jaws

determined sky
sent golden stars to wipe out
hostile teeth

last trial
opened the locker
for new life

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai
Seven Days Before Christmas 2016 #1 a new dawn.


  1. Your feelings come through very strongly in this. Peace starts within each one of us. I recently had to cut back on listening to the news and switch to classical music – it helps.


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