Far & Close

I wonder – like Rodriguez – often about a lot of things from … how the brain works … about similar structures in nature … both built up and movements … to how the universe works … about why the ‘great wall’ exists there far out …

Now I wonder why is it ‘hideout’ and not ‘hidein’?

out in space
tasting all of everything – with love
in my heart

From what I wonder about to what I’m fascinated about … I’m so very much fascinated about ‘far and close’ … in pictures … photos … picture makings … imagination … I often struggle to keep ‘far and close’ in mind … with me. As well as ‘whole and detail’. That suits perfect in all subjects. Politics as well as … you name it!

Today I will ‘hideout’ and enjoy Scottish dancers and then I will go and ‘hidein’ at home sweet home.

Far & Close! – The Whole & The Parts. – Structures & Details.

Far & Close - Whole & Parts.

Daily Prompt: Hideout.


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