A Cocktail for Life

lies within the listener –
a cuckoo’s call
(c) Chiyo-Ni

morning glories –
in the middle of a dream

(c) Chiyo-Ni

I pick up the loneliness thread …. It’s a bit sad thinking about loneliness … or? Being alone doesn’t mean loneliness. I often like to be alone. Worst is when people feel loneliness when being with other people, I think.

travelled sadly to the heart
raindrops falling

Nobody should need to feel loneliness in a caring society. When will we get there?
So far … just a dream…
dreaming high
a struggle up the mountain
to a shrine view
To dream is crucial important, I think. And just as important is that … the dreams do not have to come true. They just are giving so much feeling-good on the way – while dreaming. To be able to dream you need a good portion of imagination and fantasy. Best spices for living life I think.
honey in mind
smooth start for fantasy – sets
pinecones rolling
Now thinking about how wonderful the coconut oil is for the skin. … Has to be another chapter …
Until then … Please have a cocktail for life ….
A Cocktail for Life!

Carpe Diem #1159 Matto, birthplace of Chiyo-Ni.

7 kommentarer

  1. This is incredibly beautiful. I love how you are writing your haiku now, along with your comments and all. Interesting to read and lovely poetry. There is such a change in your writing, all wonderful changes.

  2. I love all three of your haiku and I’m glad you picked up on the loneliness too – I think that in her time, as a female poet Chiyo-Ni would have spent a lot of time in solitude up in those mountains. I have to say my favourite is the one with honey and pine cones!


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