Heaven and Earth

A new future – it works well with my release. I have not forgotten that I promised where in the world I would like to go and live …. if …
I like dreaming – but not in pink clouds – it must have a touch of reality – perhaps imagine is a better word than dreaming? Or … I like to picture?
I like to imagine … how it would like … if … I even like the word ‘if’ …

if imagine
picturing that far away – new life
said and done – aborigines
sharing heaven and earth

I find the greeting ‘namasté’ beautiful and humble. It works very well without a God. We are one and equal. Sun and Moon. Heaven and Earth.
Humble and powerful at the same time. Neither subservient or superior.

that haka
filled with spiritual power
that namasté so humble
like a fire in the calm sea bay

Did you notice I gave a clue? Do you know about haka?

We are coming closer. But it’s so far away. A beautiful country with exciting nature. And also so interesting people. And all that special kind of tattoos. Telling a story and so personal done. It’s not like here where you go to the tattoo artist and say you want a tiger on your arm. There the tattoo says something spiritual and special about that specific person.
So when I go to New Zealand I must get to know an aborigine tattoo artist … and very well … and then hopefully … he will give me … my special tattoo.
I will probably live on the North Island and in or close to maori area.

Why New Zealand?

I just find it so immensely interesting.

Imagine a really nice kind of living in nice climate and with inexhaustible opportunities for discovery and adventure. Hopefully its not expensive to live there.

Welcome to immigration New Zealand. New Zealand Government. Facts about New Zealand. New Zealand people.

off and away
imagine the spiritual way – in
namasté athmosphere

A New Dawn

mountain top – mirroring
the sea bouncing in itself
like a tattoo

New Zealand - My Dream Country.

Carpe Diem Namasté, the spiritual way
#1 Introduction to a new feature.

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      1. A Quebec reporter s verbal years ago listing the best places to live but I don’t recall the article and who wrote it. I’ll try to find it. The article discussed quality of life, wellbeing and health services.

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