Feelers on Wall in Atmosphere.

Interesting subject indeed. Something I feel a lot of respect towards – Intuition. Like living life with a kind of atmosphere around you – just like earth. A kind of feelers for us humans if you want and if you get yourself the ability to acknowledge. Also it can work like a kind of scaffolders supporting you. Therefor – in my way of thinking …

thinking about
while it soon will appear
to me or you

… the awareness of your feelers, health of your atmosphere and the stability of your scaffolders determine wether the intuition works. It has nothing to do with other people. It’s for you – yourself – to develop.

I can only say – You are worth it!

Ps. Now I will read what Chèvrefeuille writes about intuition.

Blue Photo – Feelers on Wall in Atmosphere.

Blue Photo - Feelers on Wall in Atmosphere.

Feelers on Wall in Atmosphere.

Carpe Diem: #1130 Intuition.

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