On my way …

I think every single soul have to make up their “pilgrimage” themselves and I don’t think they shall do i because someone’s telling them to. Not even or – specially not – if some religious figure say so. That’s my opinion.
Do I sound strict? Well I am about certain things 😉

I made one tonight – attending an event – got my soul totally filled …

like flames of fire
hit my heart

… of delightful and very intense music … by …

Boban Markovic
master of the orchestra
king of Balkan

… so now I’m on my pilgrimage … my way.

Ps. Photo from 2016-09-11 and not tonight.

Boban Markovic and his orchestra - Jewish Culture festival, Budapest

Carpe Diem: #1115
Buñuel’s The Milky Way; The Road To Santiago.



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