In Mist and Water Drops

The five haiku masters in Japan …. Bashō, Issa (Cup-of-tea), Buson, Chiyo-Ni and Shiki – ”the Big Five.”

It really gripped my – todays post at Carpe Diem. I almost felt I sailed up a poetry level. Felt very nice …

ah master
I read your poetry – in the water
you still are

… to be there. But however I am realistic too. I’m not there yet. But I promise – cross my heart … I’m on my way. Cause I so badly want to … I always want to be a better me. Not the best because I have passed that several times. I just want to get better and better …

eternally saved
haiku – in the mountain pediment
painted by Issa

Today I have been so inspired by poetry written by Hamish, Kristjaan and other masters. I think the way of … ”hear your voice in the water stream” …. ”birds chirping in the sound of stones” …. and I bring with me … ”the artist not to be seen in the poetry”. That last one will be difficult … I’m sure. I am also – every day – inspired by haiku by Lize Bard – and responding to them.

Hopefully – some day – I will become a better me … but as I use to say nowadays – I have time.

always take
time for haiku – writings
in mist and water drops

Writing HAIKU in Water Drops - frozen or misty.

Carpe Diem #1158 Kashiwabara,
birth-place of Kobayashi Issa.

14 kommentarer

  1. There is a lot of interplay between thoughts and words here, with touches that resonate very much. I can read this as a personal quest, and also as a philosophy about genuine sincerity.
    This desire for sincere expression you have, alone, makes you a master. You need no more than that. An absence of sincerity in haiku is easily spotted, and yet the sincere thought takes courage and confidence.
    Your haiku are unique.

    1. Wow! … now you floored me … you sent me right into a happy ecstasy mood … Thanks Hamish! ….
      … B_ … dancing on soft pink clouds … O:-)

  2. You are on a quest Birgitta and this I read in this post by you. A very personal post I would say, but that nakes you the master … you will for sure find your master and than you will master your haiku skills even better. Take your time to grow. Thank you for your kind words … I am just a humble haiku poet from that little country The Netherlands and I love to spread the beauty of haiku. It’s not only a beautiful tiny gem, but haiku is a life-style too.

    1. Thank you so much Kristjaan! And I agree ‘haiku is a life-style’ … I find myself thinking in haiku while out on my walks … haiku popping up all the time … 😉


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