Calling for Change

When I read … or when doing my walk-abouts … I often get a lot of pictures in my head. Sometimes also haiku is popping up … sometimes in a frequency faster than I hardly can handle … I like this so much! It’s entertaining … my imagination is living a lively life …

Now I am reading this interesting about Tokyo – Edo … and my thoughts go to Orkney … that summer when we traveled around in north Scotland and also Orkney …
Orkney with it’s ancient interesting history and that Orkney with so powerful nature and strong sea … That strong sea there … made me wish …

calling old island
wanting to catch – the power of
moving mountains

… yes I think it sounds crazy … but however … I would like to live (safely) through one winter … in an old cottage … with a warming fire place … and windows with views … to see the furious sea moving these giant boulders …
Like living in ‘the power of nature’ … I would write that winter … and probably draw pictures too.

Oh these interesting islands … Japan … Orkney … Gotland in Sweden … and you guessed Galapagos, Tahiti … or did you mean Haiti? … so far away …
… yes so far away … where to I am dreaming about … and you are trying to figure out … there you find a mix of nature … the power of nature … the beauty of nature … its peoples creativity … and something more … I find important … for mind and living …

A completely change from now.

Would you like to … have the guts to … completely … change your life?

one life – a seed
among all the other – how
grow well together
one option – living by/in nature
slowly erasing – the other

I always strive to make – my HAIKU and my TANKA – with more than one possible interpretations.

On our Scotland journey my youngest daughter wrote a story about ”Oban”. While I – as always – on travel  … made up my life if living ”here” …

Shooting Old Church on Orkney.

In old church, Orkney.

Carpe Diem #1143 Edo, ancient Tokyo.

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  1. Beautiful write Birgitta. Change in environment, especially ones idyllic as you describe, sound like a wonderful journey to experience in your life. When I was younger I was fearless and thought often of such experiences. Today I am less capable of moving around like this. Such is life, loving the present and seeing that same beauty right there next to me.

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