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I am sure the Pilgrimage road is very interesting to experience. A lot of people do. I know several who made the walk. For me – I and my soul – my inner me – just need a spot with a view. A special view. Could be among rocks and cliffs by the sea or a peak in the highlands.
When I was young I could have said in a real forest too. Like the one I had around me. At that time I loved the forest but now it’s like a closed area – to me. I do need expanses.

for baby elephant
steps and tracks ahead breathe new
while the lake welcomes raindrops
the river gushes freshly

Yes I am fascinated by the elephants – their long walks – their memories – their expressions – … maybe they do Pilgrimage too … that’s what I think …
But what if ….!? …. they are prevented … or we … from inner journeys …

Carpe Diem: #1114 Arrival
(at Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port).


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