While Facing

I turn my back
on Buddha and face
the cool moon

I think … you can turn your back … or face it … you can be in control … or be controlled … and of course you can be out of control too. But that’s not so interesting … not now and here … anyway.

while facing
the subject of interest – closer
linnea borealis bloom

Linnea Borealis – a small very beautiful flower named after Carl von Linné. Both of them from my home areas and the flower is the flower of my landscape – Småland. A forest landscape. In my aunt and uncle’s forest we could find the rare flower. But we didn’t pick it. My uncle always said: Flowers look much better where they grow! … meaning not in a vase on a table. Wonder if it’s why I seldom by flowers ….?

How free are you … honestly … ? Are you – yourself – setting limits … or somebody else? That’s something for everybody to find out, I think. How do you want to live your life?

Sometimes …. when I study young people and couples focused – or seem to be living – in their iPhones … I wonder … Do they get jealous? It’s so much about ‘the self’ and ‘self-doings’ … and commenting other ‘self-doings’  …

Does she get jealous? Does he get jealous? Are they giving each other freedom? Do they trust each other?

”I wonder …. wonder I do ….” … always thinking a lot about people and their behaviour.

brittle bridges
in the lush of greenery – listen
a raven warns

Tonight’s dance performance was … well the first part outstanding, unique and very creative. I was totally lost when the boxer entered the dark scene in his boxing shorts and a glittering cape over his shoulders. Headlights flashing in a slow mood. The boxer made moves like in slow motion. Showing the struggle in life. Wow this is so strong – wow. Fantastic choreography.

While the other parts … well I only wanted to leave and go home … perhaps I tell about it in another post.
… poor dancers … to be in an odd choreographers hand … and has to do what he’s got in his mind to be expressed … in this case it was a man … for sure!

Crazy Art by me - Face it!

Carpe Diem #1161 Matsuyama
City birth-place of Shiki.

9 kommentarer

  1. There is do much wit and humour in your writing – and culture. Wonderful. But also the appalling tragedy of iPhone self-absorption. I hate it Will it make future generations less capable, less advanced? Yes.
    Your post reminded me when I used to habe my drama society and work as theatre director – in Eastrrn Hungary. As part of practice I remember getting the actors in pairs, one playing a ” new flower” and the other the ”earth.” The objective was the new flower to grow ip through the earth and the earth to block. The pairs lay on the ground on top if each other and some really made such beautiful dances, raw, with almost out of control. Was beautiful.
    That was in Nyiregyhaza, eastern Hungary.

    Gillad av 1 person

    1. Thanks for kind words and I’m very glad you like my writing. I just write what’s popping up in my mind and I like to function the kind of ‘surrealistic’ way á la Breton – mostly shown in my drawings. Nyíregyháza – I have probably been there but don’t remember. Have been all around Hungary – some places so stuck in my heart. Hollókő is one of them.
      So you have worked with drama and theatre … how interesting …


    2. Now I’m thinking about what you said about self-absorption, new technic and future generation ….. bewildering thoughts … so interesting …


  2. After almost 50 years of marriage I find that at times my husband is in his recliner and I can only get his attention with a text! Not just a teen addiction!

    Very interesting and entertaining post!

    Gillad av 1 person

    1. Janice – write something that really shake him up from the recliner 😉 if it doesn’t help put him in a selfgoing car to nearest rest-home 😉
      Live your life your way – You know – you only live once 🙂
      Sounds harsh but he will be taken care of and you must care for you.


      1. My husband is a great support of things I choose to do. With all the ruckus over who should use which restroom here in Texas, I told hims I planned to start going into mens’ rooms as I never wear dresses. He just laughed and said he would bring the bail money if needed.

        Gillad av 1 person

  3. Everybody in actual life has to ”face the cold moon”,and then you can or you might free yourself, because you know what ‘s about it. Of course, it doesn’t mean you do free yourself !

    Gillad av 1 person


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