Juicy & Full-Bodied

”Juicy” a funny word! A word to spice up … something. From just juicy … over full-bodied … to sexy. A juicy girl! Why not a juicy man!
Well perhaps that would transmit thoughts …

juicy and full-bodied
you and me

… oh thinking about that beach …

in my bathtub
thoughts of juicy – moments
my meditation

… you know … I love my hot water bath … so much … most often …
…together with my music …

my mango
sipping sun-filled body
juiciest ever

… my favorite … oh … juicy mellow-ripe mango … heaven of fruits …

Crazy Art by me - Juicy Gender Style.

Daily Prompt: Juicy.

3 kommentarer

    1. Ha ha … I think that would make it perfect! You know in Sweden we say: ‘If there is room in heart – there is room for buts.’ I think that counts for pine trees as well 😉



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