Lilac and Snow

A day without a sunrise. A day without a set. Just a day – another day – in the coldness. Hostile coldness inside. (I mean of course indoors not inside …. that English!) No flowers would like this and I don’t either.

So I made some strong coffee – really strong – south Swedish – a special kind of dark roast. And I also was in need of dark chocolate. A day like today. Has to be at least 70 % cocoa.

Wish I had some beautiful flowers …

bowing greens
long stripes to reach blossoms
all in lilac and snow

… though … glad I have my imagination for a Japanese Ikebana …

Crazy Art by me - Ikebana.

I turn the heat up. Listen to the ‘classica‘ piano concert. Glance towards my colored pencils beside. Or – in fact – they glance at me – and very insistently.

Finest Dark Chocolate at least 70%.

Carpe Diem #1152 Ikebana.

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  1. Your post made me grin. You share with Chèvrefeuille the gift of utmost sincerity.
    Ah dark coffee! How I miss that! I have not had time to go through all posts yet but will, and might sneak a cup of coffee….I used to cold brew .I e, maixibg dark roasted grains with cold water and leaving if overnight. Next morning you pour some of this ‘syrup’ through a strainer and add zoms hit aatsr. The taste is different than just making the coffee immediately.

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    1. You know my heating system doesn’t work – no warm water, ice cold in kitchen and bath room, only extra el.heater now in bedroom 😉 Life is hard just now. My coffee helps 😉


  2. Dark roast coffee and dark chocolate – a delicious combination, Birgitta, as are the colour and form of your haiku – green and lilac in white snow – cold and beautiful.

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        1. Thank you very much Janice! I think I like to paint and create more than I am good at it 😉 I just let go … try … it’s really fun 🙂 I also copy to my mac and go on in Photo Shop 🙂



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