In the Mighty Sea

Sounds very interesting – reading about Japan and Tokyo. So far I haven’t had a wish to visit – maybe I will get. Someday!
I have had a special wish to visit Tibet, Inka land in South America, Aborigine land in Australia … but none of these are the country I wrote about earlier …where to – my dream country – I would like to move.
I will give a clue …

my heart
sliding in the mighty sea – away
to find my turtle

… now I think it’s very easy … I could give one more clue … but … no … perhaps tomorrow.

Japan is also surrounded by the mighty sea.

the mighty sea and mountain tops
all these cherry blossoms

On Saturday I will tell you about my ”dream country” …

The Mighty Sea

Carpe Diem #1142 Honshu, the ”main island”.

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