Heart in Love – Soul is Cool

About ”wounded heart” … sounds like it is something very hurtful … I don’t think a ”wounded heart” is a big problem … and I also think it’s something more related to the young period in life … Love comes and love disappears … and comes again … love is the surface feelings … and not the deeper … don’t let you down … maybe you are sad a moment … some days … you decide … you are on your life journey … love here and there is a softer seat … on some trips …

heart in love
when blood is flooding – hot
soul is cool

… nothing more … but beware of your soul … heart is easy to lose …

easy to lose
your heart for give-aways
soul is locked

… but don’t make it easy to lose your soul!

Crazy Art by me - Look Deeper than Surface.

Ps. … I have to go back later and look at my thoughts … written here … I think … maybe … perhaps … I am a little provocative … 😉

What do you think?

To be continued …. here ….

Carpe Diem #1171 Wounded heart.

5 kommentarer

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  2. A ”wounded heart” can be very painful, but in this case I think you have to use its synonym ”broken heart”, but that makes no difference I think. What a wonderful response Birgitta.

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