Day: 2017-03-01

Full Bodied Souls

Change rooms in your mind for a day.” by Hafez.

Like an eagle I focused and this was the line I saw … that went straight to my mind. How exciting to change rooms in my mind, I think. And we do all of us nowadays. I sometimes definitely too much! But I can handle it today. Because I have my rooms where the calm, peace and relaxation are balm for my soul.

in the running flood
I find my coconut flake – always
balm for my soul

These rooms I visit frequently. But today I went out exploring. Wanted to find that newly renovated thermal bath. I found it and made an appointment for tomorrow. Then I will explore new rooms in my mind I’m sure.

leaving the safe
entering the far away – to sway
being delighted
in welcoming warm arms
you topped my flight

That unique feeling … between two humans … close and far … different and similar … more that unites than divides … unique in every cell … of feelings … and in each mind.

new planets in mind
serving finest wine – fruity
perfect for full bodied souls

Thinking about wine as love. Sipping it slow and easy. Getting a bit dizzy. Taking off and emptiness filled up with mighty hemispheres.

Now you think I am drinking wine from a wild glass … wrong …  only my cup of tea just now … but we’ll never know about …. later … but sooner is nicer …

Cheers … now taking off to  a room in my mind …

Crazy Art by me - Thinking about All My Rooms in Mind.
Thinking about All My Rooms in My Mind.

Carpe Diem: #1166 Night Flower.

Cats 1st March

I’m smiling – thinking of GP to choose ‘cat’ as prompt when March starts. The yelling soon to start too.
Cats are not very common in Budapest – not seen very much. But I have a cat café close. Very nice! Sometimes I need to pat a cat or dog. Miss so much to not have my own nowadays. It’s just impossible the way I live.

cats amusing
dancing around corners
nine lives

I’m sitting and thinking about cats … and at the same time …watching a ballet at on TV. Beautiful bodies, agile and supple as cats.
How beautiful the natural is!
Also when old I think. How sad when people change their bodies. Really sad. 20170301

Once I wanted to change my nose. Thought it was so big. That was as teenager. When a boy liked me – and I didn’t like him – I turned my profile towards him because I thought with such a nose he cannot like me anymore.
With my first salary I planned to have a surgery. Luckily that didn’t happen. I grew into my nose and now I like it.

B_ live

Talking about cats …I’m very specific about the nose … It must be orange framed dark 😉

Jeppe - Best Cat ever!
Me and my Jeppe.

Skrivpuff: Katt.