Day: 2017-03-12

Heart in Love – Soul is Cool

About ”wounded heart” … sounds like it is something very hurtful … I don’t think a ”wounded heart” is a big problem … and I also think it’s something more related to the young period in life … Love comes and love disappears … and comes again … love is the surface feelings … and not the deeper … don’t let you down … maybe you are sad a moment … some days … you decide … you are on your life journey … love here and there is a softer seat … on some trips …

heart in love
when blood is flooding – hot
soul is cool

… nothing more … but beware of your soul … heart is easy to lose …

easy to lose
your heart for give-aways
soul is locked

… but don’t make it easy to lose your soul!

Crazy Art by me - Look Deeper than Surface.

Ps. … I have to go back later and look at my thoughts … written here … I think … maybe … perhaps … I am a little provocative … 😉

What do you think?

To be continued …. here ….

Carpe Diem #1171 Wounded heart.

In the Mountain

Writing ghazal – what a challenge! I had to look up some Swedish explanation and found also Swedish poets in this kind of poetry. Gustav Fröding is one of our great poets.

I will try …

I wanted to travel to the best view on a mountain.
I thought your secret was hidden on the mountain.

The clouds always brought love letters from the top.
And the stamps had a great picture of your mountain.

The birds in the sky were singing the content to me.
Their wings made traveling easier to my mountain.

The flowers on the ground made my steps lighter.
Their colors brightened my way up to the mountain.

In every breath I felt your welcoming and longing kiss.
Kisses like snowflakes covering the top of my mountain.

Last day sun is burning hot and hiding behind your top.
You made it Sofi! now rewarded and worth the mountain.

Well well well … that feels very constructed … probably has to be worked on more … so I can feel I am content with it … but however … its my first …. and I wonder …

in the mountain
the most grounded can be found
only my soul

… as always …. wonder I do … will it be the last?

Bruksvallarna Sweden 2008

 Carpe Diem Universal Jane # 12 Mountain View.

Forgiveness of Sins – No Cleaning Agent!

Man kan skrubba och rengöra det mesta omkring sig … och på sig …

cleaning in time
when inside is no-go zone
unwashed souls


rengöring i tid
när insidan är no-go zon
o-tvättade själar

… men i sig är det värre.
Hur rengör man en solkig själ?

Något man borde tänka på … så fort man börjar tänka …. eller helst lite tidigare. Något man borde vara väldigt rädd om och värna. Sitt inre näste … där själen bor. Det man från början har eget ansvar för. Det som inte kan rengöras … inte med något. Inte ens i religionens namn … fast några tycks tro det.

”Syndernas förlåtelse” … bara ett påhitt … inget rengöringsmedel!

”Forgiveness of sins” … just a figment … no cleaning agent!

Blue Love in Hearts

Skrivpuff: Rengöra.