Day: 2017-03-03

The Hunter Philosophy

Sometimes … when I read poetry … out there … well here too … I think … POETRY SHOULD HAVE A PLACE IN EVERY SCHOOL … I have always advocated for philosophy as a base subject.

The more technic take place – in our life – the more philosophy we need … is my mantra.

I still believe that!

Poetry … inspire for interpretations … challenge the readers in many ways … explore feelings … other persons feelings … helps to change perspective … may strengthen ability for empathy … most needed in the harsh sometimes very hostile social world … not to forget in social medias …

How romantic and safe wasn’t my life as young … now it seems to be the opposite for young people. Even when it comes to equality between girls and boys. It’s worse now and this is so sad.

Is it about hunting or beeing hunted. As young I loved beeing hunted by boys. It was so innocent and so beautiful. Exploring each other in a way. Life schooling for relations and love.
At the same time I knew more about boys than girls because for me it was much more interesting being with boys than girls. Climbing trees, playing football, sneaking in to other gardens picking fruits … and I was very good at slingshots … playing with dolls wasn’t my kind at all, not girls ‘backtalking’ either. I like the straight … and I found boys much more straight. Always have.
I am still amazed that my parents let me be my personality. My dad bought me football boots with studs. He went to every basket game I played in. My mother sewed jeans and caps for me mostly.  Sometimes also dresses – me and my sisters – looking so nice in same cloth. My mother even sew dresses to the princesses of Sweden before her marriage.

Mina gamla klänningar som mamma sytt

Dresses I have saved with much love. Dresses my granddaughters also have used.

I’m … writing my thinking … that’s why it takes some odd ways … and I like that. That’s being alive … lively …thinking … about the tiny and great … close and far away …

Back to where I started thinking today ….Inspired by … The Hunter tanka … I respond …

I’m also out hunting
dressed in philosophy
and questions
my belt has many pockets
one secret – only for you

BW - The Belt - I want I want!

Such Pleasure

How nice to read this post by Kristjaan in Carpe Diem. He told about feelings being close to nature. This is immensely important. But I think … not everyone know how to do … or even that it is an option. How sad! What about young people nowadays. Will they find – in their smartphones – what our generation finds in nature? Allow me to doubt!

searching the lost
most important of all – call
for nature

Crazy Art by me - Searching Nature

Today I had a day of pleasure. I was really in good mood. Went to the Thermal Bath. No turists only Hungarians …. and me. Not crowdy like in Szechenyi. Outdoors under the sky. 38° Oh how I enjoyed! Floating, swimming, doing some exercises … just for my wellbeing.

And then …. these water jets!!!! My back got a deep make over. Hard and strong – every knot inside disappeared. I shut my eyes. Me and the water in this mesmerizing jet. When I hold out my hands … palms upwards … to catch the  yets … I felt as … they played piano with my fingers. Feeling my fingers to be the keys. It was amazing. I let myself be played … for a long time … and where were I with my mind … in that room I like so much.
I noticed people studied me but I didn’t bother. Was I standing out? I wondered.

such pleasure
connection to origin – habitat
water – loving life

These two I wrote after – on my way home – when sitting in the city center park -watching people – resting for a while –  with so much peace in mind …

after pleasure – living
above all

It took a long time … living … to find this balance … I nowadays feel … for my body … in my soul … in my life.
I think … I have definitely reached the best level … for living my life. I’m so happy and thankful.
And I think I am worth it because I have been working very hard on all levels … in life …. society … at work … … you name it!

Now is *After Work* – and I love it!  Seize the day & Be live.

Crazy Art by me - Thinking about All My Rooms in Mind.
… pleasure in life …

Carpe Diem Namasté, the Spiritual Way #4
keepers of the earth.