Such Pleasure

How nice to read this post by Kristjaan in Carpe Diem. He told about feelings being close to nature. This is immensely important. But I think … not everyone know how to do … or even that it is an option. How sad! What about young people nowadays. Will they find – in their smartphones – what our generation finds in nature? Allow me to doubt!

searching the lost
most important of all – call
for nature

Crazy Art by me - Searching Nature

Today I had a day of pleasure. I was really in good mood. Went to the Thermal Bath. No turists only Hungarians …. and me. Not crowdy like in Szechenyi. Outdoors under the sky. 38° Oh how I enjoyed! Floating, swimming, doing some exercises … just for my wellbeing.

And then …. these water jets!!!! My back got a deep make over. Hard and strong – every knot inside disappeared. I shut my eyes. Me and the water in this mesmerizing jet. When I hold out my hands … palms upwards … to catch the  yets … I felt as … they played piano with my fingers. Feeling my fingers to be the keys. It was amazing. I let myself be played … for a long time … and where were I with my mind … in that room I like so much.
I noticed people studied me but I didn’t bother. Was I standing out? I wondered.

such pleasure
connection to origin – habitat
water – loving life

These two I wrote after – on my way home – when sitting in the city center park -watching people – resting for a while –  with so much peace in mind …

after pleasure – living
above all

It took a long time … living … to find this balance … I nowadays feel … for my body … in my soul … in my life.
I think … I have definitely reached the best level … for living my life. I’m so happy and thankful.
And I think I am worth it because I have been working very hard on all levels … in life …. society … at work … … you name it!

Now is *After Work* – and I love it!  Seize the day & Be live.

Crazy Art by me - Thinking about All My Rooms in Mind.
… pleasure in life …

Carpe Diem Namasté, the Spiritual Way #4
keepers of the earth.

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