Checking the Length

When on my walk along The Danube today … the wind was strong … but warm … it was upwind … and I usually don’t like … upwinds … dead winds … or head-winds at all. When I go by bike I hate it.

Today I found I liked it a lot. In that new experience I wanted to stay and enjoy. So I did! I imagined the wind brought new thoughts into my head. Suddenly it did. The wind brought back a thought I often had when very young … walking home in the night … me and the stars … I remember I almost used to feel dizzy at that time … thinking about … ”am I really?” ….(=do I really exist?) … incomprehensible great … universe … earth … me …

about the everything
I can understand nothing
humbly bowing
at the same time I realize
everything emerge out of the nothing

… which leave me … with the question … ”nothing”? …

nothing is
nothing will be – once
nothing (really) was

Cannot decide about last line … with or without ‘really’ ….. HELP!

About Hafiz … I feel the poem is linked so much to a special time … of how to be … and that is not now … in our time.
I don’t believe in … wiping out … efface … oneself … and I definitely have no wish to ”be rewarded with boundless pastures and eternal rest” … I live here and now … and I will do my very best … being the best myself … as well as being humble I react … and act …

Most humble … I think …. I am with my camera and macro lens … which makes it possible for me to see even the tiniest insect feet, feelers and more. How I marvel at such wonders!

From the nature … through my Canon … right into my dear Mac … I can see … what wasn’t seen …

feet and feelers
walking the life – feeling
where is nothing?

feet and feelers
experience life – wondering
where is nothing?

Grasshopper measuring himself.
Checking the length today

Carpe Diem: #1169 Humble.

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    1. Thanks Kristjaan! It’s so interesting how a little word can change … depth and power in poetry lines 🙂 And also very very interesting to discuss and share opinions/thoughts about poetry, I think.



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