There is ONE thing …

Behind a coward man – there is a stronger woman. Ready to put things right. I think this is rather common in society.
Of course there also is the opposite.

People will never make me lose interest – for humans. And we all share our mother –  Earth. There is no life without people. But! Sadly and probably life would be better for Earth without humans.
You know – humans is my favorit subject – has always been. Written a lot about it before.

In my view … every man and woman … every child … boy and girl … are pieces. A lot of pieces! Really a lot.
I just put the pieces together!

piece by piece
put together – makes
the picture of you

That’s my life challenge.
-It was my challenge working with children and youth as teacher. These special children and youngsters demanding so much more …being more vivid  … than the mainstream. I loved it! I really loved – working with these growing humans. At the same time I hated the school system – the political side.
-It was my challenge as lecturer as well – working with special teachers to be.
-It is my challenge in life.

I am well trained during life experiences. Also life long education of course. Did never end taking university courses. In the end I choose distant. I rely on … and trust in … my intuition. Don’t know any time it failed. I have lots of doubts on the way … necessary doubts … doubts to be removed … and …  reset with facts … until then I go on putting the pieces together … one by one … finally the puzzle is complete … for what’s necessary … at that special time …

Being a behaviorist goes so well with life philosophy … and … along with never ending questions. I am so curious!

I’m so curious
I was about you too – now
I am not any longer
left with a sad taste
doubts became the truth

Reality. Just like … ‘facts rule’ … in life. You are your actions. You … yourself … makes the picture of you.
Realizing. That’s how I work. I am watching the situation … from above … when … at the same time … living it. That’s reality!

I love reality … too … 🙂 … it allows me to imagine …

I love to write my thinking … much better on writing it … than talking it … I think …

… and English is challenging me even more … I like that too …

Ps. I love people. I don’t always like their doings and their behavior. There is one thing I despise …
I really despise cowardliness!

Crazy Art by me - Keys for Living Life.
Keys for living Life on Earth.

Carpe Diem Namasté, the Spiritual Way #4
keepers of the earth.

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  1. I really enjoyed your post. I also have been a teacher and was lucky to work ”with these growing humans”, first with children, and after, with adults from all over the world. Refugees… I teached a lot and learnt a lot too, but I have not yet completed the puzzle. 🙂

    Gillad av 2 personer

      1. My dear fellow teachers…:) I’m also a teacher and I still work with those growing humans while I’m trying to be an adult by myself. Hard job for my inner child – I’m not sure if I will ever get this thing done. I love your post, as always! 🙂

        Gillad av 2 personer

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