Waves Unveiled

When the sun is shining … and it is 18°C … and there is an empty bench by the river Danube … and there is a perfect breeze … no body smoking around …

… when there is … like today …

body of roses
thoughts like happy piruetts
life is smiling

… a just so perfect day! Couldn’t be better. Well it could … if you were beside me …

ask me to cruise
all night long – loving
the upward curve

… I felt just crazy … in what was popping up … piruetting in my mind … I smiled … chuckled and giggled … crazy me … and I went on …

Well it would be nice to cruise on the Danube. In a nice room … in a pleasant bed … and with a sea view … of course …

a sip of nectar
a kiss of wild strawberry
my dizzy surrender

… with you … and your desire to … remember? …

waves unveiled
when string of kisses – opens
scent of violin flower

… I remember … clearly … like … a tip of tongue … remember … the taste of nectar.

Perfect Day by the Danube.

Time went quickly and I had to get my salmon at the great market before they close. I always plan somewhere in my head so I was close to the tram. Right tram for market.

Went home to secure the salmon in refrigerator and off I went to check the film shooting outside Opera. Than finally a glass of wine in Anna café on Váci. Such a perfect day!

And I got a little sunburn – red I suppose …




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